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The aim of this section of the website is to inform the enquirer about the town of Tetbury.  How did our ancestors live, work and play?  Where did they shop?

Where did they come from and why - Gloucestershire or further afield.  Where did they go to - work was the main driver when our ancestors moved away.  

The majority of historical resources will be at Gloucestershire Archives and the National Archives.  Other resources may be scattered across the country in other archives.  Resources should be clearly indicated enabling first hand research rather than relying on research done by someone else.  It's much more fun handling original documents yourself wherever possible!

The website began in 2004 out of my own personal research into my husband's family history and the town in which his family had lived for 400 years or more.  This led to the development of the Tetbury families database and research into the families that resided in the town primarily in the period 1780 to 1911.  1780 as a start point because this is when the research undertaken by Elizabeth Janson and published on her website ended, and 1911 as my end point as this is the last published English Census that falls within my 100 year rule - you should not find any information about any living person on this site for data protection reasons.  As data protection becomes an issue a slight change in focus on the website towards the where, what and how of the lives our ancestors lived to enable a family historian to fully understand life in an English town over several decades.

Over the years the website has faced several major redevelopments mainly due to changes in web host, software or my own like of changing things because I can.  This current change has come about as a result of a major fail of my laptop and the loss of the software used to create the last configuration of the site.  Magic words of back up - not just your data but in this day and age of downloads, your software too as the software company no longer do my particular favoured program.  Should you wish to find any of the pages that have been altered or removed you should be able to find some of them on the Internet Archive.

Acknowledgement has to go to many people who have been keen to share their own family histories and knowledge of the town.  

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